Tool Steel

Tool steel is a general term used for special steels that are used to shape, form, blank, and cut other materials to adapt them for particular commercial uses.

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Available Tool Steel Shapes

Available Tool Steel Grades

A-2Air-hardening steel. Replaces O-1 when safer hardening, better dimensional stability and increased wear-resistance are required. Most widely used in the A series.
D-2High carbon and high chrome. Ideal grade for maximum production runs. Superior machinability. Excellent wear-resistance, high compressive strength, and deep hardening properties. Most widely used in the D series.
O-1Oil Hardening. Easy to machine. Good abrasion resistance. Most widely used in O series.
S-7Shock resistant tool steel. Used in applications that require high toughness and resistance. Used for moderately elevated temperature service.
M-2General purpose high speed steel. Most widely used in the M series.
W-1Water hardening tool steel. Water quenched to achieve desired hardness. Most widely used in W series.
H-13A chromium, molybdenum, vanadium hot work tool steel which is characterized by high hardenability and excellent toughness.

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