Alloy is a steel that contains one or more alloying elements, which produces specific properties not found in regular carbon steel. Alloy steels are generally more responsive to mechanical and heat treatments.

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Available Alloy Shapes

Available Alloy Grades

4130General purpose alloy. Offers good strength and toughness for moderately stressed parts.
4140Medium carbon steel that is widely used for general purposes. Good hardenability, strength, toughness, wear resistance, and ductility.
4150Similar to 4140, but increased carbon content leads to higher hardenability. Offers excellent machinability and tool life.
4340Highly alloyed steel. Used in heavy-duty conditions and for heavily stressed parts.
8620General purpose alloy. It is the most widely used of all case hardening alloys.
52100A high carbon, chromium containing, low alloy steel. A moderately deep hardening alloy with high resistance to wear, medium toughness and low resistance to softening at high temperatures.
41L40Can be quenched and tempered for a broad range of strength levels.
86L20Case hardening steel that is supported by a tough, ductile core. Minimal distortion in heat treatment.

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