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A Rich Tradition of Excellence and Innovation

Good Steel Service, the forerunner of Good Metals, Company, was established in 1947. From its original location at 1010 Leonard Street in Wyoming, Michigan, Good Steel Service processed and sold steel used to manufacture machine tools, dies and fixtures. The company earned a solid reputation within the tool and die industry for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. Good Steel also distinguished itself as one of the first steel distributors to produce tool steel, alloy and carbon bars saw cut from plate.

Over the years, Good Steel continually expanded its plate sawing and bar manufacturing capabilities. To accommodate the steadily growing business, the company relocated twice, eventually occupying a 70,000-square-foot facility at 440 32nd Street S.W. in Wyoming, Good Metals' current location.

Many changes in the form of mergers and acquisitions took place over the next three decades, beginning in 1969, when Good Steel became part of Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp. In 1993, Rockford, Illinois-based Liebovich Steel & Aluminum Co. acquired the Wyoming operation and renamed it Good Metals, Co., a clear reference to the company's Good Steel Service roots. The holding company Liebovich Bros., Inc. invested extensively to improve Good Metals' facility and production capabilities, resulting in tremendous growth from 1994 through 1998.

In March 1999, Liebovich Bros. and Good Metals were purchased by Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., one of the nation's largest metals service center companies.
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